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About This Website

Endangered Animal Art – Art for Animal Life 

Mission statement: to support endangered animal conservation through art and awareness of endangered animals 

Vision statement: to be the go-to website for endangered animal art and awareness 


Endangered Animal Art is a creative new website where many endangered animals will be featured with fun facts and art by me and other artists in the form of stickers, stamps, postcards, greeting cards, prints, etc. 25% of the net proceeds* will be going to a featured non-profit organization for each featured endangered animal.  

Veterinarian by day, writer/artist by night, this website is a passion project combining my love for animals with my love of art including mail art. It started off with a birthday ritual. Each year for my birthday, I pick a different endangered animal to raise awareness and funds for. 2018's endangered animal was the pangolin. 2019's endangered animal was the dugong. Once a day for 7-14 days before my birthday, I would post a fact about the featured endangered animal.

This year, I decided that I wanted to do more for more endangered animals. As a global nomad, I know that many endangered animals are at risk of extinction around the world. Instead of only one endangered animal a year, I will be raising awareness and funds for many endangered animals throughout the year, usually coinciding with their international/global awareness day.

Please join me in learning about and helping endangered animals! Let’s do something for endangered animals so that species don’t come to an end! 

Founder of www.endangeredanimalart.com, veterinarian, writer, and artist

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*The rest of the financial breakdown: 25% to contributing artists, 25% to the upkeep of this website, and the remaining 25% to future projects/rainy day fund